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Our range of fleet tracking systems can be tailored to your needs/budget from as little as 25p per day subscription.

With one of these systems you can have automated timesheet reporting, you can keep an eye on unauthorised journeys, excessive speed and therefore high fuel consumption, How long the driver was on site eliminating any customer complaints of overcharging of labour or “your driver didn’t turn up at a certain time etc”. You can also manage the fleet via the same system so you know when the vehicle is due for an MOT or service. The benefits are endless and in the long run could yield huge savings for your business.

SVR tracking systems are monitored 24/7, as soon as any unauthorised movement is detected the police and owner are notified, you can also log in yourself to check your vehicle is safe. We offer many different solutions so pease contact us with your requireents
TRACK IT NOW Motion Real time tracking location and fleet management KENT
Real time tracking, location and fleet management
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